I have built various Raspberry Pi robot cars from cardboard or LEGO® bricks. But I was asked again and again if there is not also a finished kit. So I have tried out different kits and would like to present here a kit made of acrylic glass. In my opinion it is very well suited to build a robot with a Raspberry Pi as its brain. Everything needed to assemble the chassis kit is included in the kit. All you need is a screwdriver. However, the chassis can then be assembled in 10 to 15 minutes.

The following picture shows the remote controlled car chassis kit with the yellow DC gear motors, the two acrylic glass plates and the bag with the screws, brass pins and the encoders.

Smart robot chassis Acrylic

Smart robot chassis Acrylic


  • 2 x Smart Car chassis made of acrylic glass
  • 4 x DC gear motor (with strong magnets)
  • 4 x 20 encoders to measure the speed of the motors
  • 4 x wheels
  • 8 x fixings for the motors
  • Furthermore some nuts and bolts and the brass pins packed in a small bag are included in the kit

With the included encoders, the remote controlled car can be programmed so that the robot can make very precise movements as long as the status of the encoders can be read. I myself do not have the right sensors to read the encoders. But maybe I’ll buy the right accessories in the future.

The finished robot car based on a Raspberry Pi looks like the following picture

Smart robot chassis Acrylic finished

Smart robot chassis Acrylic finished

Structure of the robot car

The next picture shows the chassis with the mounted four DC geared motors, the step-down converter (left) and the motor driver (right).


Smart robot chassis Acrylic chassis

Smart robot chassis Acrylic chassis

It is not difficult to fix the geared motors to the chassis with the screws. The second acrylic glass plate is attached to the lower plate with four pins. On this plate the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi camera are mounted. Finally, the four wheels are attached to the gear motors.

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The following video shows my robot chassis made of acrylic glass with the Raspberry Pi, the W-LAN module and the Raspberry Pi camera. The remote control of the car works very well via W-LAN and the apartment quickly becomes a race track for the robot car.


It is very easy to build a robot car based on the acrylic glass chassis. The chassis itself is very stable and with the 4×4 drive it is very agile when driving through the living room. The steering I had programmed was a bit awkward and often drove the car against the device at full throttle. But nothing happened to the robot car itself.

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