The ever faster advancing digital transformation is presenting German companies with immense challenges. The digital transformation not only changes companies and their products, but also has serious effects on the entire economy and society, as we experienced in the Ruhr area a few years ago.

The mining buddy, who had wrested valuable coal from the earth with his expert knowledge and the sweat of his brow, found himself confronted some time later with the necessity of starting from scratch in his career and reorienting and further training.

This rapid change can be seen as progress in the digitalisation of the working world. However, we must also be aware of the price our society is prepared to pay if we do not make the digital change early on.

That’s why I personally think BayernLabs is a great institution for the state of Bavaria.

A few days ago, Alexander Kolbai and I from BayernLabs were invited to a workshop on “Digital Transformation and Autonomous Driving” to train the managers of the individual BayernLabs with a hands-on workshop. I hope that we were able to make a small contribution to digital transformation.

BayernLab Neumarkt i.d.OPf

BayernLab Neumarkt i.d.OPf

What does the state government of Bavaria understand by BayernLabs?

“With BayernLabs, we are building thirteen state-of-the-art IT laboratories – especially in rural areas of Bavaria, because digitalisation is not a privilege of the big cities. The BayernLabs are showcases for digital innovation and offer the latest technology you can touch and try out – free of charge and for everyone”.

Albert Füracker, MdL Bayerischer Staatsminister der Finanzen und für Heimat

Workshop – Digital Transformation Innovation Management

The aim of the workshop was to use the example of autonomous driving to show how rapidly our world is changing digitally.

Morning sessions:

  • Alexander Kolbai:Autonomous driving, what do we mean by this, technology, where do we stand with it and what are the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Meetup Connected Autonomous Driving Stuttgart
  • Next Generation DiYRoboCars “Porsche Project

Ingmar Stapel:

  • In my part I have reported as an author and blogger on the topic of autonomously driving model cars and on my experiences in working with young people on this topic.
  • Furthermore I once reported about my experience of a robot car workshop with an 8th grade class as well as about meetups I had already organized in Munich on the topic of robotics.

Afternoon sessions:

After the theoretical part followed the hands on part in which we built a robot car based on Arduino with the participants and let it drive autonomously.

BayernLab Aduino Roboter Auto Details

BayernLab Aduino Roboter Auto Details

If you are interested in a workshop on the topic of “Digital Transformation and Autonomous Driving and DiYRoboCars”, Alexander Kolbai and I will be happy to assist you. You are welcome to contact us via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: Alexander Kolbai

LinkedIn: Ingmar Stapel

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