The normal Raspberry Pi camera and the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera are cameras designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi computer. All Raspberry Pi cameras are connected via one of the two narrow connectors on the top of the Raspberry Pi between the network connector (RJ45) and the HDMI connector. The interface of the camera uses the CSI interface which was developed especially for the camera. The CSI bus is able to transfer large amounts of data very quickly. This is necessary in order to transmit the many information of the high-resolution video. The camera is connected to the Raspberry Pi via a ribbon cable.

The following picture shows three Raspberry Pi camera modules. The first module is the normal Rasbperry Pi camera. The second module is a Raspberry Pi camera with wide angle lens. The third camera is the NoIR module.

Raspberry PI camera module

Raspberry PI camera module

For my robot projects I use the normal Raspberry Pi camera and the camera with the wide angle lens. Most often I use the camera with the wide angle lens. I use the NoIR camera only for autonomous robots. The problem with the NoIR camera is that it doesn’t show the colors true to life but works better in the twilight. However, the advantage is also here very small to the normal Raspberry Pi camera.

Raspberry Pi wide angle camera

The operating range of the wide angle camera is about -30 to +70 degrees. This is a clear difference to the normal camera. This becomes very noticeable when the live video is transmitted from the remote controlled car to the web interface. It is much easier to control the car with a wide angle camera. Objects left and right as well as above and below the robot cars can be detected early.

The purchase of the wide angle camera instead of the normal Raspberry Pi camera is highly recommended. Here I have added the Amazon link to the wide angle camera I bought myself and like to use on my robots.

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Raspberry Pi camera module test pictures

In this chapter I will show test pictures of the three cameras.

<I will add those pictures soon!>

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