Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Everything started with the idea of a self made robot car the Cardboard robot. Cardboard was the material used for this robot car chassis. It is easy to work with and very cheap. You do not need a high tech workshop you only need a scissors and a carpet knife. The only problem is the idea and time to build a cool robot car out of cardboard.

I build my first Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled robot out of cardboard. I got the cardboard from the greengrocer next to me. The picture below shows the robot I build. It is a very early picture of my Raspberry Pi powered robot.

Cardboard robot

Cardboard robot

Cardboard robot car main features

The following main features make the cardboard robot car unique:

  • A Raspberry Pi as the brain of the robot car
  • Program the robot car in Scratch or Python
  • Control the robot car with your smartphone or tablet over a web interface
  • Live video streaming out of the robot car
  • Four very strong gear motors

live video streaming

I used the Raspberry Pi camera to stream the video from the robot to my web interface. With some hacks the delay is very small and it is very easy to steer and control the robot over the WIFI. It makes a lot of fun to race around the living room. I build up to five robot cars and some time we drive a race in ouer living room. Thats absolute cool and make a lot of fun. I used the mjpg-streamer to encode and stream the live video.

Cardboard robot rear view

Cardboard robot rear view

E-Book – build a remote controlled robot with a Raspberry Pi

With this e-book you can create step by step, your unique remote controlled car. The interaction of hardware, electronics and software are explained with the help of concrete examples. This makes it easy to understand the more complex parts of the project.
The e-book is available as PDF.

buy now your e-book

The e-book costs 14.90 USD inkl. 19% VAT. (Germany).
When ordering from other countries the gross price may vary since then other VAT rates apply.

Build a remote controlled car with a Raspberry Pi

An overview about components is online. With the list you get an idea which components are necessary to tuild a bot. You will find the list here: Raspberry Pi robot components

Cardboard robot car video

I made a few videos of my robot and uploaded the videos on YouTube. The video below shows the first model with the original dc gear motors which are very loud. I replaced them later with quieter motors.


To build a robot out of cardboard is very easy and creative. The idea was to design a very cheap chassis and to use a Raspberry Pi to control the robot car remote via a web interface. It makes a lot of fun to build robots and to drive around with them. Such a project is a must for every maker.

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