After two years of building robots out of cardboard I tried to build one robot out of LEGO® bricks. This is an introduction how to make your own bot. Building the chassis was straight forward. All you need are some special bricks from LEGO® to link the DC motors with the bricks. To find the right bricks to screw down the four yellow gear motors was not easy. This took a couple of weeks as I had no LEGO® bricks at home and I had to order them from an online shop which sells used LEGO® bricks  separately.

The solution I found is surprisingly stable and I started to mount some additional bricks on top of the chassis to hold the Raspberry Pi camera, the battery pack, L298N motor driver, the Raspberry Pi 2 and some additional electronic components.

Robot build of LEGO® bricks

This is a very early picture from my first robot built of LEGO® bricks. The chassis is very cool and easy to build out of the bricks. With some additional bricks it is easy to design a nice body for the robot.

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi - prototyp

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi – prototyp

The next pictures shows the robot wiht the WIFI USB modul and the camera mounted on top of the robot. All you need are some bricks and the special bricks to screw down the DC motors.

E-Book – build a remote controlled robot with a Raspberry Pi

With this e-book you can create step by step, your unique remote controlled car. The interaction of hardware, electronics and software are explained with the help of concrete examples. This makes it easy to understand the more complex parts of the project.
The e-book is available as PDF.

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The e-book costs 14.90 USD inkl. 19% VAT. (Germany).
When ordering from other countries the gross price may vary since then other VAT rates apply.

Build a remote controlled car with a Raspberry Pi

The next picture shows the bot I build by my own out of LEGO® bricks. It is very easy to build such a cool remote controlled car. If you have kids you should have enough bricks for a cool car.

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi - ready to rumble

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi – ready to rumble

This is a picture from above my LEGO® brick car. It shows all the electronic components used to build the robot car. With the selected bricks and plates there is enough space for additional components like LEDs or ultrasonic sensors.

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi - overview

LEGO brick wheel robot Raspberry Pi – overview

Robot car video

I made a few videos of my robots and uploaded the videos on YouTube. The video below shows the first model build of LEGO® bricks by a friend and his boys. I called the car LEGO® racer because I looks so cool like a race car.


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