Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

With this e-book you can create step by step, your unique remote controlled car. The interaction of hardware, electronics and software are explained with the help of concrete examples. This makes it easy to understand the more complex parts of the project.

  • This eBook starts with the introduction of all necessary electronic components, like the Raspberry Pi and the motor driver, that are necessary to build the remote controlled car.
  • Three different body variants, one with LEGO® bricks, another with cardboard and a third with a smart car kit are described.
  • The basics of electricity are explained in order to understand the electrical power supply.
  • The wiring of all components is illustrated in numerus pictures and illustrations.
  • All necessary software as well as the installation and configuration of the software is explained.
  • Source code examples for the control program are described on the basis of Scratch and Python and are also available for download in order to control the remote controlled car.
  • The Raspberry Pi camera and the live video streaming via WiFi is described in detail.
  • To control the remote controlled car within a Web interface, the setup of WebIOPi and services is explained.

Download preview: HOW TO build a remote controlled car with a Raspberry Pi

The e-book is available as PDF.

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Build a remote controlled car with a Raspberry Pi

Build a remote controlled car with a Raspberry Pi

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