Month: June 2016

ZeroBorg – motor controller for your RaPi Zero

Today (2016-06-30) I got my ZeroBorg from The motor controller is very small, fits on top of my Raspberry Pi ZERO and is perfect for my robot idea I have in mind with mecanum wheels. The ZeroBorg can control up to 4 motors independently. This enables a robot to drive with Mecanum in any direction you want to drive. I already bought four Mecanum wheels and now I have to build my own robot with the ZeroBorg motor driver.  The idea is to build a robot to generate a 3D model of my apartment via simultaneous localisation and...

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Raspberry Pi self-driving robot-car

After two years of work I finished my self-driving robot-car. The robot is able to navigate and to autonomously drive around in the garden. It is equipped with different sensors and the combination of the sensors information enables the robot to drive around. The first self-driving robot was the Discoverer which is equipped with a metal detector. The challenges with the robot-car are the powertrain, the energy supply, the integration of the sensor data and the developing of the software to control the robot-car. The following pictures shows the robot-car which I build from a floppy disc box. This...

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