Month: October 2014

Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – cardboard car model

Chapter 12 – cardboard car model This chapter is about building the cardboard Raspberry Pi RC model car. I first draw the drawing with a Drawing Board. After this I used SketchUp to draw it on my computer. You can design and build your own model if you like. It is important to get a stable cardboard from e.g. the supermarket. I used a cardboard from the vegetable section. It was very stable. But make sure that the cardboard is clean. This is my first model I build. Below the picture you find the latest drawings of my model....

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – startup scripts

Unfortunately, the startup scripts do not work in a way I want them to work. Actual I am working on this problem to solve it. If I had found a solution I will update this chapter with a description how to implement the startup scripts for the Raspberry Pi RC car. startup script – live video streaming   startup script – WEBIOPi   startup script – W-LAN This section is about the configuration of the WIFI connection. It is important that you buy a wifi stick which is supported by the Raspberry Pi OS. 1. step: Now plug in...

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – cooling with passive heat sinks

Chapter 10 – cooling with passive heat sinks It is important to provide sufficient cooling inside the RaPi car for the Raspberry Pi itself and the L298 H-Bridge. With the live video streaming and the WebIOPi the little Raspberry Pi CPU gets much to do and very hot. When I closed the chassis and no passive heat sinks where installed I had a lot more reaction problems and crashes. I decided to measure the temperature of the Raspberry Pi and noted that the temperature is too high. I had not overclocked the Raspberry Pi’s CPU yet. To solve the...

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