Month: September 2014

Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – web-interface steering over the internet and smartphone

Chapter 9 – developing a web-interface for the RaPi car: This chapter is about the developing of a web-interface to control the car with a smartphone over the internet. The interface has as background the live video stream from the Raspberry Pi car camera to see where the car is moving to. I implemented the buttons left/right, forward/backward and stop as an overlay over the live video stream. The stop button in the middle of the control field stops the motors. I searched for the best frameworks in the internet which uses Python and supports a HTML site to...

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – live video streaming

Chapter 8 – live video streaming from inside the car: In my eighth chapter I will explain the video streaming from the inside of the Raspberry Pi car to my computer. I will explain the basics how to stream a Video with the little RaPi. To get a picture we have to connect a camera. I decided to use the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera module and bought it. It should be also possible to use USB webcams you already have at home. Maybe I will explain the usage of a normal USB webcam in an additional chapter but in this...

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – programing

Chapter 7 – RaPi car control and programing: This chapter is about the programing of the RaPi car Python control script. The first objective is to control the RaPi car with a keyboard over the WIFI connection with Putty. I also explain the basics how to switch the GPIO pins from the Raspberry Pi. To control the in / out pins is the basis to control the car. Besides the control over the keyboard and the collection of first experiences how the control works best would be the control of the car with a Web-Interface. The Web-Interface will be...

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – power supply

Chapter 6 – power supply The sixth chapter is about the power supply of my Raspberry Pi RC car. With the power supply I had unexpectedly the most problems. The Raspberry Pi reacts very sensitive to variations in the power supply. The main problem was that the Raspberry Pi crashed every time when I started the four electro motors with full speed and also with half speed. These trials were very annoying. During the construction of the RaPi car I had to solve the two main power supply challenges. You have to supply the Raspberry Pi with a constant...

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Raspberry Pi WIFI radio controlled rc vehicle – software installation

Chapter 5 – software installation: The fifth chapter is about the installation of the Raspberry Pi software components needed to run the Raspberry Pi car. I also describe which programs are needed on the Windows PC to develop the controlling script for controlling the car. A third part of this chapter is about the configuration of the modules needed on the Raspberry Pi like the network share SAMBA or the library Python. I do not explain Linux as PC operating system because I think the most users who read this chapter have Windows as Operating system installed on their...

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